Friday, July 10, 2009

25 Questions about Spring Grove Cemetery

1. Why Study Spring Grove?
2. What does Spring Grove have to do with the city of Cincinnati?
3. Why are people buried in cemeteries after death?
4. Is a cemetery a way to make death seem beautiful?
5. Why are flowers used so often in cemeteries?
6. Do people symbolize death in order to understand it?
7. Why are there so many species of plants/trees within Spring Grove?
8. Has Spring Grove always been as big as it is?
9. Is a cemetery a mourning of death or is it rather a celebration of life?
10. Why do people want to be remembered by these grave sites?
11. How does this relate to me?
12. What is the role of the cemetery in society?
13. Can a cemetery be a place of meditation?
14. Why do people believe in an after life?
15. Why are cemeteries often depicted as scary?
16. Should grave sites only be viewed in terms of the people who are buried there?
17. Should grave sites sites be viewed as art, religious relics, or historical monuments?
18. Do churches believe cemeteries are holy?
19. Do cemeteries close on holidays/ religious events?
20. Historically, why would a cemetery be a place to walk around or meet people in?
21. Is it important to honor the dead?
22. Can superstitions of cemeteries be explained rationally?
23. What emotions should one feel in a cemetery?
24. Are grave sites arranged in a certain way?
25. Can a cemetery only provide a look back in time or can it also provide a look into the future?

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