Thursday, July 9, 2009

First walkabout: Mausoleums 07/02/09

-Week 1-
What an experience this week at the cemetery. On my very first walkabout, I had the chance view three very striking mausoleums.

The first mausoleum I visited, the Gerrard, was a strong geometrical tomb made of stone. I instantly noticed how perfectly symmetrical its structure is and how ornate the designs are carved into the rock. Also, I had a close look at the design of the front gate, and inside each frame there is a beautiful grape tree casted from the iron. Behind the gate, is a layer of glass so I was to see the inside of the mausoleum. Inside, I could see all parts of the tomb including an illumination of Leonardo da Vinci's, The Last Supper made out of stained glass on the back wall. To have a family name inscribed on one of these burials must be a great honor.

The second mausoleum I visited, the Groesbeck, was not as big but still very nice. Urns laying on each side of the mausoleum and on top is a statue of a woman which caught my eye. The statue of the woman is wearing a gown and kneeling with her head downward as if in mourning. Because of the symbols, looking at the mausoleum made me feel somewhat somber for the person or family that is buried inside.

The third mausoleum I visited, the Burnet, was large fluid-like structure with a lot of design and detail. I noticed the white stone structure is desgined with plenty of arches, allowing its appearence to be very pleasing to the eye. I liked just how intricate the various carvings were on the rock, including a christian cross which hangs above the mausoleum door. The gardens around the structure are well flourished and from the mausoleum I could see across cedar lake. It stands out well from all other burials in this section and has one of the best locations in the area. Although, I found these mausoleums to be a little on the excessive side, I think all three are classy and elegent enough to provide a proper balance. Each certainly possess personal beauty and the those buried in each certainly must have led very wealthy lives. I would certainly like to do more research on these burials, especially the Burnet.

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