Monday, August 24, 2009

My ideal Monument design

My ideal monument is an elegant, medium sized gravestone made out of modest stone material. I modeled the architecture of the stone after Burnet’s mausoleum with plenty of arches on top of the monument and flora design on the corners. I used a lot of iconography on the monument as well. One such icon is an hourglass with angel wings surrounding it. The hourglass is a symbol for time and my own mortality. The wings symbolize that after death I am both free from time and my mortality. Above the hourglass are three small rings devoted to the trinity and my hope that I will be guided into the afterlife. Located on the same side as these symbols near the top of the grave, is an angel in the stance of an archer. The archer symbolizes my soul’s ascension into the heavens. Although my soul has ascended my body still lies in the ground preserving the earth. Because of this, I chose to border the archer with two poppy plants to symbolize sleep and death. Both my name and my date of birth are located on the adjacent side of the monument. Above this information is a cross with an arrow going through it. The cross is a symbolism of my Christian beliefs and the arrow symbolizes being pierced by death’s swift blade. There is also a tongue of fire located in lower right hand corner of the cross symbolizing hope and faith in ascending into something greater. I chose this monument to be located in Spring Grove cemetery close to the woodland area and next to the lake in section 100. I’d enjoy having a few bushels of wild flowers growing around my burial as well. This is a portrayal of my ideal monument and in some way I hope it reflects my life and my personal beliefs.

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