Sunday, August 9, 2009

Documentation of Adolph Strauch

Adolph Strauch was a man who took 733 acres of swampland and transformed it into a work of art. Spring Grove cemetery, which I have been studying these past few weeks, is a part Strauch’s architecture and perhaps his greatest achievement. Born August 30, 1882 of Prussian descent, Strauch found his way to Cincinnati and in 1855, agreed to handle Spring Grove’s landscaping and architecture. Strauch’s sole focus of Spring Grove was the cemetery’s appearance. By creating less clusters of bulky, disarranged monuments and integrating more scenic attributes, Strauch was able to transform the cemetery into a place to experience. I can say in my experience of the cemetery that the overall landscape does have a certain placement to it that is pleasing to the eye. Curiously, the bridge just north of the main entrance seems to open up the cemetery rather lavishly. This might be an example of Strauch’s ideal design. After his contributions to the cemetery, Strauch died of pneumonia at the age of 61. His body rests rightfully in Spring Grove which, according to his interment record, was his place of residence. His life is a fascinating history that not only makes Spring Grove cemetery what it is today, but it sheds a light on our city as well.

Below is a copy of Adolph Strauch's interment record:

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